Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just like Big Brother

 This boy adores his big brother. He watches, tags along and hangs on to Elijah's every word! He had a difficult time at first when brother started Kindergarten. He would walk around asking if Elijah was at the "hospital." There was even one day when he went to the door and was crying to put on his shoes and "go get Wijah, Mommy." It was only 10:00.

This is Elijah's backpack. It's an old one he's played with for years carrying cars in it to Grandma's and such. This day we were going to play outside and Elijah had this backpack with toys for outside and when Levi wanted to wear it he politely handed it to him.

You might notice in the photos how proud Levi was, he flipped back and forth showing off.