Saturday, September 20, 2014

Levi Q&A

1. What is your hair color? BLONDE
2. What color are your eyes? BLUE
3. What is your favorite food? LEMONADE (MELONS)
 5. What are your favorite treats? GUMMIES LIKE MY TEACHER GIVES ME
 6. What is your favorite color? GREEN
7. What is your favorite animal? DEER
8. What is your favorite toy? SPONGEBOB
9. What do you like to do with daddy? PLAYING BALL
10. What do you like to do with mommy? SWING
11. What is your favorite movie? PLANES FIRE AND RESCUE
12. What shows do you like to watch? PAW PATROL
13. What is your favorite store? TOY STORE
14. What do you like to play inside? SHOOTING
 15. What do you like to play outside? SWINGING

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Levi the Preschooler

When Elijah started first grade (last year) Levi had just turned 3 a few months before but he already wanted to go to school. We walked Elijah in and he began to cry wanting to leave and we walked Levi out and he began to cry wanting to stay. Levi sobbed, "I haven't even ate my lunch." He had grabbed a lunchable from the fridge when I packed Elijah's lunch. I was not interested in Levi even going to Preschool at all so I had really just pushed the thought from my mind. When we had his well child check we got caught in rain and the papers we would need for school flew through the wet parking lot. I gathered them anyway and thought it's okay they are ruined, wasn't gonna use them anyway. As the summer break drew closer to an end he began to tell stories of "when I go to school." I still didn't like the idea but at the last minute we rushed to get his eye and dental exams complete and applied for school.
We met with his teachers Mrs. Pam and Mrs. Teresa before school started. He was playing in the room getting familiar with the surroundings while I was going over paperwork. Mrs. Teresa asked as they were playing with the toys if he had ever watched a tv show (I cannot recall the name but I know it was something normal and totally NOT related to what he responded with.) To that he said, "yeah, have you ever watched Naked and Afraid." When we left the meeting I took advantage of being out with only one kid in tow and picked up some groceries. Back at home I decided to place the folder of papers to sign and return in with the bread and let Levi carry it as it was not too heavy. He decided to place his red juice in the bag to free his hands. So when he came home from the first day of school he asked me why I put papers with "spilled on them" in his back pack.

Levi's first day of school was Sept 2. Elijah had been in school for a week already but was still crying. As I took him in LATE for his first morning I snapped a quick picture from behind as they walked in front of me and had to drop them at the door and turn to run as Elijah was trying to hang on me. Momma also forgot to put his blanket for naptime in his bag and as we settled in bed the evening he whispered, "mommy I should've took covers to school."
We are now finished with Levi's second week of school. He has learned a letter it sounds like mmm and looks like a mountain but he don't know what the name of it is. He has also learned about being a good listener. Eyes watching, ears listening, mouth closed hands down and feet still. He cried really hard when he couldn't go to school on Friday. I knew it was coming. He's loving school too much. :)

Roaring Fork Nature Trail

My favorite picture of our summer vacation near Cosby, TN