Thursday, January 5, 2017

Elijah is TEN!

Elijah is 10! 4 Ft 6 inches, weighing 95 lbs by December and now has glasses!

This pic is from Open House for 4th grade year. Check out the origami bow tie from a dollar bill.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our first Real Tree and first visit to Shadracks lightshow

Christmas with Zachary 2016

Zachary in our tree

Zachary came Dec 1st but we didn't have our tree up so he improvised.

Zachary and Barbie let us know we needed umbrellas

Breakfast was served, in Elf on Shelf muffin cups

Zachary lashed out at the turtles thinking they ate all the cakes

Rock climbing on cute Christmas bows, and eaten by Dino

Hide and Seek was top game

This was the day he left, he always reminds us of the true reason we celebrate

Elijah cleaned his room and was so proud. look what a mess Zachary made

The guilty elf with paper wad in hand.