Sunday, November 22, 2015

DIY Christmas Tree FLOCKING!

I love the look of flocked Christmas trees, but not so much the hefty price tag. For the last couple years I've been just lusting for a new improved tree. Elijah asked why I didn't just buy a tree like I wanted, and while they are expensive I realized the true reason I didn't is that I too enjoy a DIY challenge from time to time.

Taping the lights

With Pinterest and Youtube by my side, I set out to FLOCK my old tree! I began with the easiest tutorial I found. So simple even I could do it, and as the guy said in the video "no worries if you mess up, snow aint perfect!" I covered the lights in tape since it is a prelit tree. Two hours later I was ready for the white spray paint!
This is the point I discovered that Popcorn Ceiling Texture spray is not available in stores near me (or was out of stock at the time). So I placed on order online and packed the tree back inside, as I do not have a covered porch or garage.
A week and $15 later I had the spray in hand and was excited to "finish" my tree. Back outside we go to keep the mess out of the house. I read the directions, watched video how tos and screwed the top on the can. Three minutes later I had an empty can and a branch with a  small gallop of mess on it! I don't have a close up of that, I think it was scraped off on the door facing when we came back inside again!
Disappointed but still not ready to give up on the flocked Christmas tree idea, I went back to youtube. I found a pretty girl with a tree that looked very much like my own. She had stated she used modge podge, white paint and a bag of the glittery fake snow. I threw the kids in the car and went out to the nearest store. It was $4.77 for 3 small bags (I only used 2).
Back home I got out my homemade modge podge and shook it up, adding 1/3 part white paint. With gloves, I took the paint with my fingers and worked it into the ends of the branches and sprinkled the snow on top. Hmm, this could work! Maybe two hours later this is the end result.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

10-06-2012 GSMR It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

A couple years ago we took a little trip down to the Great Smokey Mountain Railway and took a little train ride to a pumpkin patch. Elijah was nervous about riding on the train but was thrilled when he got to see a family of turkeys as we rode through the beautiful October scenery.
The train ride was filled with the words from the story and the kids were given holiday themed treats and hot cocoa in souvenir travel mugs. Lucy, Charlie and Snoopy were awaiting our arrival waving to the kids. There was bouncy houses, wagon rides, apple bobbing and marshmallow roasting along with other fun activities. After a little trick or treating and grabbing a pumpkin from the patch, it was "all aboard" to complete our trip.