Monday, July 25, 2016

Sarah is 3!

Let your Smile Change the World,
little one!
Sarah Elizabeth has brought so much joy to our lives for the past three years. She is 36 inches and 29 pounds. Sassy and whiney. Smart and funny! She loves to watch Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse. She continues to adore her brothers, "Iga" and "dong dong" which is starting to sound like Donald. She can count to ten on occasion but almost always to 6. She knows her colors, red, orange, purple, pink, green, blue, white and black. She loves books, puzzles, rainboots, and playing "you count, me hide." It's absolutely adorable to hear her yell "neadynot herecome." She loves to sing songs as she makes up words. She loves her fruits and vegetables although she is beginning to become picky like her brothers. Watermelon is her all time favorite right now, or as she says "Wemonaides." She is beginning to pick up a lot of the bad habits of her brothers, like arguing and fighting. She also has perfected the whiney voice but gets so mad when I tell her I cannot understand. She yells, "me not whining me talking, RIGHT?" And it's too cute not to love.
She is becoming so independent and is so proud of herself. She truly is always happy, earning herself the nickname "Smiley" from other parents.
Elijah's favorite things about Sarah:
1. The way she lines up her dolls to play with them, as they watch TV or take naps.
2. The way she says "mailboxsh" every time she sees one.
Levi's favorite things about Sarah:
Cute and Cuddly!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some pictures of our Christmas Elf 2015

Zachary made the kids into an elf

And gave them cute elf names

I think the kids really loved it!

Elijah left some questions for the elf

Hillview Stables; Pumpkin Patch 2015